”I have always worn Rehband sleeves since the early days, and I respect all that Rehband has done to drive awareness of our sport. They really care about promoting the positive impact that this sport can have for people of all ages and abilities. I am excited to work more closely with their team to accomplish our shared goals!”

USA Weightlifting Champion and coach

USA Weightlifting Champion and coach, Derrick Johnson joins Rehband’s team as an Athlete Ambassador for Olympic Weightlifting. Derrick got his start seventeen years ago in the sport of Olympic weightlifting at Lift for Life Gym, an after school program for underprivileged youth in the inner city of St. Louis. Derrick would go on to win multiple national championships throughout all age divisions, 7 American open titles, and make many international teams representing the United States. Derrick is the youngest coach to be named head coach of an international competition for USA Weightlifting, and is the first African American to be named as a head coach on an international trip for USA Weightlifting.

Derrick is a champion who has overcome incredible challenges on his journey to greatness. His positive mental attitude and incredible physical accomplishments make him an excellent ambassador as Rehband continue to support the growth of weightlifting globally. In this partnership, Johnson and Rehband will work together to continue improving the products available to lifters, to increase the reach of weightlifting in the USA, and to reinforce the positive role that qualified coaches can have in developing young athletes.

Name: Derrick Johnson 
Coach: Darren and Darrel Barnes 
Weight class: 69kg Height: 5’4″ 
Favorite Competition 
Lift: Snatch