Rehband Knee Sleeves

Rehband Knee Sleeves are available in South Africa!

The Rehband 7751 knee sleeves are made from 5mm thick neoprene. These knee sleeves deliver consistent support and warmth, with a unique level of flexibility. This means that any kind of athlete, from functional training athletes, to gymnasts, weightlifters to Strongman competitors, can benefit from the exceptional support, without compromising on performance due to restriction of movement.

The Rehband Knee Supports can assist with knee pain, recovery from injury, as well as injury prevention. In functional fitness and weight lifting, the knee sleeves have been found to assist with comfort when performing complex, taxing movements. The Rehband knee sleeves offer compression and warmth, promote improved blood circulation and assists in reduction of strain on the knees when performing movements such as squats, heavy lifts and one-legged squat movements.

These knee sleeves can be worn to reduce pain and swelling during and after performance. Patella movement is reduced and can increase the capacity to feel the position of a joint in space as sensed by the central nervous system (proprioception).

Please note that these knee sleeves do not function the same way as knee braces. Should you have a pre-diagnosed medical condition, please visit your doctor or orthopaedic surgeon prior to engaging in physical activity. The Rehband Knee Sleeves are not intended to cure any medical condition, nor is this web site aimed at providing medical advice.

Use the Sizing Charts to find your perfect Rehband fit. If you’re looking for a tighter, competition fit, consider selecting a sleeve one size smaller than the chart suggests.


  • These sleeves are sold in Singles
  • 5mm Neoprene flex-material & 7mm thick Neoprene (Blue Line)
  • 3-D design for comfortable, contoured fit
  • Size Options: See Size Charts Page
  • Colours: Grey (Unisex & Women’s), Green (Unisex), Blue (Unisex), Camo (Unisex), Red (Unisex, Coming Soon to South Africa), Purple (Women’s) and Pink (Women’s, Coming Soon to South Africa)
  • Provides joint compression and warmth
  • Reduces pressure and swelling
  • IPF and IWF Legal for Raw and Open Competition