Malin Ewerlöf is Sweden’s no 1 runner of all times. She is also a proud Rehband ambassaor and here she brings her best tips on how to avoid injuries while kicking up your training.


    • Listen to your body
      Do you have sore Achilles tendons? Release the strain on your feet by using heel wedge inserts in your shoes. Are your knees sensitive to the cold? Wear a knee sleeve. Do you get stiff easily? Spend more time stretching.


    • Learn to recognize different symptoms
      Is it just a general ache or the onset of an injury?


    • Act before it goes too far
      If the injury has been allowed to develop, it can sometimes be too late. If it hurts too much, you can save a lot of time and rehabilitative work by stopping or taking a break.


  • “Prehab” is important
    The older we get, the greater the importance of an all-round approach. The ideal is that people train in order to maintain fitness, not to become as good as possible in the short term. It is only when your training has a long-term perspective that you’ll get real results.