Rehband is proud to announce a partnership with Xendurance for the biggest Sport of Fitness competition in Europe – the Athlete Games. The event will see 120 athletes compete over two days to see who will take home their share of the €50,000 prize purse.

“The partnership is part of Rehband’s commitment to the athlete community. 2015 was an important year for Rehband which included a successful collaboration with CrossFit® Inc. and the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games in California. With the company announcing that it has entered into a partnership with Xendurance we are further expanding our presence in the world of functional fitness”, says Peter Lenerius, CEO of Rehband.

The sponsorship will go into effect with Rehband taking part in the Athlete Games 2016. Along with a vendor booth at the event, the collaboration includes several marketing activities. The two brands share a common mission: to design and create scientifically developed products that meet the rigorous demands of elite athletes and enable the full potential of all active people.

“Rehband leads the way in bracing and supports for functional fitness and our athletes will benefit tremendously from a partnership with this world-class brand. This event is designed with the specific purpose of bringing together the fittest athletes from around the UK, Europe and beyond, offering them the chance to compete for the desirable victor. Through its support of events like the Athlete Games, Rehband has shown a tremendous commitment to supporting the European fitness community and we are thrilled to have them onboard!”, says Jim Peskett, General Manager, Xendurance Europe.

The Athlete Games Finals will take place at the ExCel Arena – London, UK on the 29th and 30th of January 2016. The competing divisions are Male & Female Individual and Masters: Male & Female 40+.

About Xendurance

Xendurance is a sports nutrition company that was started in the US in 2006 when the formula, Extreme Endurance was under development. The parent company, Lifespan International US., is located in Carefree, Arizona. Lifespan’s goal was to develop an all-natural, drug-free product, which would improve an athlete’s performance by improving both aerobic and lactate acid threshold. Xendurance also wanted to develop a formula that would safely reduce the “culprit” known as lactic acid. Lifespan International recognized that athletes not only benefit from performance products but they also need to protect their health and immune systems from the trauma of rigorous training schedules. With that in mind, Lifespan continuously expands the Xendurance product line of power-packed multi-vitamins, omega and joint formulas, protein and electrolyte drinks, with unique formulas backed by science.