USA Weightlifting Announces Partnership with Rehband

USA Weight_300x161USA Weightlifting Announces Partnership with Rehband

Dec. 02, 2014, 11:25 a.m. (ET) (Source:

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.—USA Weightlifting is excited to announce a partnership with Rehband, a global leader in bracing for athletes. With 60 years of experience in designing and manufacturing anatomically and technically superior products, Rehband is the name most trusted by Olympic Weightlifters the world over.

“We are thrilled to be working with US Weightlifting. Their commitment to enhancing the sport of weightlifting and to excelling on the world stage speaks to our mission at Rehband,” comments Andrew Peck of Rehband North America.  “Rehband seeks to enable the full potential of athletes and active people at all levels.  We work closely with elite athletes in many sports to ensure that our products meet their requirements and exceed their expectations.”

Rehband is the original designer and manufacturer of the knee and elbow sleeves worn by weightlifters across the globe.  Their patented anatomical design and superior quality standards make Rehband the preferred choice of top lifters.

“Our goal with US Weightlifting is to support the growth of weightlifting in North America,” says Peck. “They have done fantastic work in bringing awareness to their sport and to raising the bar in both training and team work.  Our partnership will allow us to support this mission.”

Rehband manufactures its products in Estonia and has its global headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.  Scandinavian design and manufacturing continue to make Rehband the leader in quality and design. Each product is hand-sewn and nearly 300 distinct machines are used in manufacturing Rehband’s complete line of bracing, support, and protection products.

“In recent years, many products have emerged that seek to imitate the high quality and performance of Rehband products.  We continue to receive feedback that none have succeeded.” says Peck.

“Our brand is recognized for its superior quality and this is easily visible to our athletes.  Event today, there is nothing like a pair of Rehbands and every lifter should have a pair in their kit. With many new color options and styles, there is a Rehband to suit every athlete.”

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